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Our top priority is to provide exceptional customer service to each individual customer. Take a look at what our clients have to say!


Schultz Insurance provides top-quality customer service. When we need Certificates, Bonds and/or Special Coverages they are quick to respond, which in turn keeps our customers happy.

- Markgraf Heating and Air -Long Grove


Schultz Insurance always provides excellent service.  They are professional and quick to respond to our changing insurance needs. They are committed to knowing their customers and finding the best insurance coverage to fit their situation.

- M. Small


When we have questions, concerns or need service Schultz Insurance has always been there for us.

-  Austrian Bakery


I've been with Schultz Insurance for almost 15 years. This business never put me down. Whenever I asked for a quote, Mike replied quickly with professionally created document. I really do like what this business does for me and my family. Schultz Insurance covers my needs in cars, home, umbrella and it supported me in every claim I had. I strongly recommend this Organization to everyone who would have any needs in area of insurance business, and I really mean that.

- M. Domanski    


When I call Schultz Insurance Services, I always get to speak with a live agent. The level of personal and professional service I receive of this agency is beneficial and appreciated.

- E. Norlin